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The Fastest & Most Accurate Laser Engravers and Cutters In The World!

P Series

Versatile and Smart Desktop 55W CO2 Laser Cutter

S Series

Enclosed Diode Laser Cutter 10, 20, 40 W

F Series

Fastest Portable Laser Engraver

M Series

Smart 2-in-1 Laser Engraver and Vinyl Cutter

P Series

p series details2

S Series

This is an all-in-one, ultra-precision laser engraver.

From beginner to expert, there’s something for everyone.

Plus, with 4 switchable laser modules, you can upgrade at any time to excel in any scenario.

F Series

xTool F1 it is a portable laser machine with dual lasers engraves nearly all materials at 4000mm/s with high quality.

Engraving accuracy 0.00199

Diode Laser and infrared laser 2-in-1 machine

Light and portable

Compatible for 500+ materials

M Series

Versatile Craft Use.

The World’s First Laser Engraver and Vinyl Cutter!

Allows you to create more crafts with an ultra wide range of materials.

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