– Tangible teaching keeps students engaged and focused on learning

– Rich teaching resources such as screen-free coding cards, themed maps, and tap-pen

– A great interactive educational tool for students, mTiny with: 3 dress-ups, 10+ facial expressions and 300+ sound effects

– Ready to use out of the box and simple to code, play, and learn

– Engaging the classroom with games, fun activities, and stories

Weight2.81 kg
Dimensions34.10 × 21.10 × 16.50 cm
Robot Kit


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What’s Included

Early Childhood Education Robot for Family

Kids' Social-Emotional Development

Tap Pen Controller Makes the Easiest Way to Use

Design for Interactive Learning for Multiple Aspects

Designed for Pre-schoolers

Rich teaching resources

mTiny offers a wealth of teaching resources, including themed maps, storybooks, game cards, and coding cards. These resources provide an exciting way for students to explore coding and have fun while learning.

Diverse knowledge

mTiny is an adaptable tool for educators, catering to multiple subjects like math, music, and social studies. Its versatility enriches student learning across various areas while offering teachers seamless integration.

Give instant feedbacks

Teachers can easily incorporate mTiny into their classrooms by simply unboxing it and utilizing coding cards and themed maps. mTiny provides instant feedback, enabling students to fully immerse themselves in the joy of learning.

Screen-free tangible teaching

There is no need for PCs, phones, or tablets for teaching mTiny. Instead, educators can maximize the use of tangible materials and fully embrace the classroom experience by focusing on hands-on engagement.

Interactive learning

mTiny, the adorable panda robot, offers dress-up options, various emotions, and a wide range of sound effects. It plays a crucial role for teachers by sparking and sustaining students’ interest in learning.

Safety first for peace of mind

mTiny offers a safe learning environment with edge-free design and food-grade materials. Teachers can focus on engaging education worry-free.

Product Specifications

Mechanical materialEco-friendly ABS plastic and food grade silicone
Main controlGD32F403RGT6
Processor Arm®Cortex®-M4
Clock speed168Mhz
Onboard sensorRobot: OID sensor, 6-axis motion sensor, LED indicator
Tap pen: OID sensor, 6-axis motion sensor, dual-axis joystick, button, LED indicator
How to codeCoding cards
Battery (included)Built-in rechargeable LiPo battery
Battery capacityRobot: 1800 mAh
Tap pen: 300 mAh
Playtime≈ 1-2 hours
Charge time≈ 1-2 hours
Rotational speed250RPM
Communication mode2.4G
CompatibilityLEGO bricks

Let's Answer Your Questions

mTiny are designed for children as young as 4. It is suitable for kids to learn social emotions, music and math.

Certainly! Teachers can effortlessly integrate game-based learning activities into their classrooms by utilizing the comprehensive package of coding cards, themed maps, and storybooks. Moreover, there are no device limitations when it comes to teaching with mTiny. Say goodbye to the need for PCs, tablets, or phones. Simply unpack mTiny, tap to code, and you’re ready to go.

Makeblock equips you with a comprehensive package that includes coding cards, themed maps, storybooks, and game cards, enabling you to elevate your STEM class. In addition to this, we have already curated five lessons aligned with educational standards, accompanied by detailed teaching guides and thoughtfully crafted class activities. Furthermore, we offer periodic teacher training sessions to enhance your teaching skills. You can download these teaching resources at our support center.

In oursupport center, you can access a document containing a compilation of frequently asked questions along with their corresponding solutions. If you have a question that is not addressed in the document, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email at support@makeblock.com. Our dedicated customer support team is available to assist you Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm (BJT).

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