– 3 robot building forms to explore: robot tank, self-balancing robot, and racing car

– Conquer all terrains like flat roads, grassland, gravel, and sandy beach

– Supports Scratch and Arduino C programming. Kids can learn coding from beginner to expert.

– Free Apps and Resources. It contains 16 coding & robotics cases in Makeblock Help Center.

– Enjoy versatile hands-on activities in class, in workshops, at home, and more!

Weight3.80 kg
Dimensions53.00 × 17.00 × 34.00 cm
Robot Kit


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Enrich Playing and Learning Experience

Practice Hands-on and Problem-solving Skills

Robot Building Kit for DIY Robotics and Coding Projects

10-in-1 Robot Building Kit

Build and play with mBot Ultimate! With 10 various ways to install mBot Ultimate, building the robot from the ground up is simple and exciting.

Grow Child’s Interest in Robotics

The mBot Ultimate can easily achieve grabbing, climbing, detecting, etc., which can be applied in various robotics activities and drive interest in learning while playing.

10 App-enabled Modes to Play

mBot Ultimate features 10 App remote control modes including driving cars, picking up objects and shooting balls, and even playing games.


Learn Robotics, Electronics, and Programming

With 160+ electronic and mechanical parts, mBot Ultimate allows students to turn anything they dream of into reality.


Compatible with Raspberry Pi and Arduino Sensors

Students and professionals can unleash creativity with this versatile robot-building kit. It can connect with Raspberry Pi and Arduino sensors to create more projects.


Prepare in-demand Skills for the Future

Learning robotics and programming with mBot Ultimate is an engaging and fun way to develop 21st-century skills like collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving, etc.


What’s Included

Product Specifications

Main controlMegaPi
Processor coreATMEGA2560-16AU
Process clock speed16 MHz
SensorUltrasonic sensor, line follower sensor, gyroscope, shutter module
Coding languageBlock-based, Arduino, Python (Extra Raspberry Pi Needed)
Battery (Not included)6 AA batteries or rechargeable LiPo battery
Battery capacity2600 mAh
Playtime≈ 1-2 hours
Charging time1.5 hours
Rotational speed185 RPM
Maximum external electronic modules11 motor & servo ports
5 sensor ports
Communication modeUSB, Bluetooth, 2.4G
Compatibility500+ makeblock electronic & mechanical parts, Arduino sensors, LEGO bricks, Raspberry Pi

Let's Answer Your Questions

– 10 robot-building forms for kids to play and learn.
– Compatible with both Arduino and Raspberry Pi.
– Help children with engineering, mechanical, and programming learning.
– Support block-based programming, the Arduino IDE, and Python(need to be connected with RaspeberryPi)

The mBot Ultimate is a building robot that is easy to get started for kids aged 12 and up to create, play, and learn. It supports block-based programming and Arduino IDE, so even beginners can use it and progress to coding experts. It comes with a thorough manual and beginner’s guide, and our customer support is available to help if you have any problems.

Raspberry Pi is an option to have better features on mBot Ultimate. It is not required, but you can use it to connect a Raspberry Pi camera or sensors and transfer data by serial communication. You can find more connecting details in this article.

Both block-based and Arduino programming languages are readily available for use on mBot Ultimate. However, if you wish to program using Python, you need to perform some preliminary setup work. This involves connecting mBot Ultimate to Raspberry Pi and updating its firmware. For further firmware upgrade information, please refer to this article.

Opt for the mBot Ultimate + Battery Kit bundle if you desire extended battery life and reusable power. Alternatively, select the mBot Ultimate + Bluetooth Dongle bundle for improved Bluetooth connectivity on your PC.

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