The 2024 MakeX Starter Add-on Pack fits mBot2 and the two make the 2024 MakeX Starter Educational Competition Kit. It’s suitable for those who already have an mBot2 or those who want to customized their kit for the 2024 MakeX Starter competition.

To build a competition configuration, the mBot2 basic robotics set (P1010132) is required. The contents of the set can be used for project activities.

Part List  (Qty. x Part Name)

1 x Bluetooth Dongle2 x Bracket 3*34 x Shaft 4*566 x Beam-076
1 x Bluetooth Controller2 x Bracket 3*62 x Brass stud M4*(8+6)4 x Beam-092
1 x Dual RGB Color Sensor2 x Bracket 3*88 × Shaft collar4 x Beam-108
4 x Servo MS-1.5A3 x Plate 3*610 × Headless screw M3*52 x Plate-072
3 x mBuild Cable(200mm)2 x Triangle Plate 6*820 × Ring 4*7*22 x Plate-088
3 x Slide Beam-0164 x Plate 7*9-B20 × Ring 4*7*104 x Plate-184
2 x Slide Beam-0324 x Bracket 3*3*120°20 x Plastic Rivet-R40606 x Stiffener 1616-008-M4
2 x Slide Beam-0482 x Plate 45°10 x Plastic Rivet-R412050 x Screw M4*8
4 x Slide Beam-0646 x Cuttable Linkage1 x Science Sensor130 x Screw M4*14
2 x Slide Beam-0804 x Black Plastic Timing Pulley 62T for Motor1 x Junction Map16 x Screw M4*25
2 x Slide Beam-1123 x Black Plastic Timing Pulley 90T for Motor1 x Wrench 5&74x Screw M4*30
4 x Square Beam-08850 x Track1 x Screw Box6 × Screw M4*35
2 x Beam – 03650 x Track Axle 30mm4 x Plastic Cup60 × Hex Nut M4
2 x Beam – 0601 x Allen Wrench 1.5mm1 x Item Sticker20 × Hex Lock Nut M4
1 x Green Ball 32mm1 x Yellow ring 40*70*203 x Yellow cube 70 mm1 x Blue ring 40*70*20
2 x Mini Injection Omni Wheel1 x Red Ball 32mm1 x Red ring 40*70*20
Weight2.6 kg
Dimensions47.5 × 34.5 × 39.00 cm

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