The 2024 MakeX Starter Educational Competition Kit covers cutting-edge knowledge in engineering, data science, AI, and IoT. It is suitable for classroom teaching, student club activities, multi-tasking, and creative robotics competitions.
The kit comes with courses designed and developed based on the K12 curriculum, including regular courses and courses for competition.
The product supports multi-threaded graphical and Python programming and has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to switch between online and upload modes in seconds, making classroom teaching easier. (mBot neo, Bluetooth Controler, and dongle are included)

Part List  (Qty. x Part Name)
1 x CyberPi4 x Beam-1081 x Bluetooth Controller2 x Mini Injection Omni Wheel
1 x mBot Shield2 x Plate-0726 × Screw M4*351 x Allen Wrench 1.5mm
1 x Bluetooth Dongle2 x Plate-08860 × Hex Nut M44 x Slide Beam-064
1 x Ultrasonic Sensor24 x Plate-18420 × Hex Lock Nut M42 x Slide Beam-080
1 x Quad RGB Sensor6 x Stiffener 1616-008-M44 x Shaft 4*562 x Slide Beam-112
1 x Science Sensor2 x Bracket 3*32 x Brass stud M4*(8+6)4 x Square Beam-088
1 x Dual RGB Color Sensor2 x Bracket 3*68 × Shaft collar2 x Beam – 036
4 x Servo MS-1.5A2 x Bracket 3*810 × Headless screw M3*52 x Beam – 060
2 x 180 Encoder Motor3 x Plate 3*620 × Ring 4*7*26 x Beam-076
2 x 180 Encoder Motor Wire2 x Triangle Plate 6*820 × Ring 4*7*104 x Beam-092
1 x mBuild Cable(100mm)4 x Plate 7*9-B20 x Plastic Rivet-R40602 x Mini wheel
3 x mBuild Cable(200mm)4 x Bracket 3*3*120°10 x Plastic Rivet-R412050 x Track
1 x USB Cable (Type-C)2 x Plate 45°1 x Line-following Map50 x Track Axle 30mm
1 x mBot2 Chassis6 x Cuttable Linkage1 x Junction Map4 x Cross Recess Screw M2.5*1
3 x Slide Beam-0164 x Black Plastic Timing Pulley 62T for Motor1 x Scredriver Cross&2.5mm50 x Screw M4*8
2 x Slide Beam-0323 x Black Plastic Timing Pulley 90T for Motor1 x Wrench 5&730 x Screw M4*14
2 x Slide Beam-0482 x Slick Tyre1 x Screw Box16 x Screw M4*25
1 x Red Ball 32mm1 x Blue ring 40*70*204 x Plastic Cup4x Screw M4*30
1 x Green Ball 32mm1 x Yellow ring 40*70*201 x Item Sticker1 x Red ring 40*70*20
3 x Yellow cube 70 mm
Weight3.3 kg
Dimensions47.5 × 34.5 × 39.00 cm

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