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What’s Included

Product Specifications

Main control / chipESP32
Processor Tensilica LX6 dual-core processor
Clock speed240 MHz(Max)
Onboard sensorRGB LED module, button, potentiometer, sound sensor, light sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer, IR emitter, IR receiver, IR color sensor, LED matrix, speaker
Coding language Block-based, Python
Battery (included)3.7V rechargeable LiPo battery
Battery capacity950mAh
Playtime≈1- 2 hours
Charge time≈ 1.5 hours
Rotational speed250RPM
Communication modeUSB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 
CompatibilityLEGO bricks

Let's Answer Your Questions

 -Richer emotions than other coding robots
  -More agile actions than other emo robots
 -Smarter sponsors support coding
 -Easier control ways such as remote control & Bluetooth & WIFI

 Yes, Codeyrocky can connect directly to phones and iPads via Bluetooth.

 Not at all! Codey Rocky supports block-based programming, which is the most intuitive and kids’ friendly programming language.

 Get started with the Quick Start Guide in the box and head over to support center for online cases. If you want to use the gamified guide, download the Makeblock app at software.

Sure! You can start writing Python by switching the programming mode from “Block” to “Python” at the top of the code area in mBlock5.

 It can be used for 2 hours under full load.

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