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Robotics Coding
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Learning Coding Made Easy

Coding with mBlock, kids will start with block-based coding, and upgrade to python programming in the same platform.

Coding Robot for kids

Support coding learning and STEM education with various game-based coding project boxes. Easier, faster, and more fun to learn to code.

Build Various Robotics Projects

mBot Neo Shield can connect with more than 30 electronics and LEGO bricks, enabling kids to build various robotics and STEM projects.

AI and loT Integrated Robot Toy

mBot Neo can combine with mBuild modules to achieve intelligent functions, such as voice control, smart camera, and more.

Most Powerful Robot for Kids Ever

mBot Neo has the most potent and versatile microcontroller, electronic and mechanical parts, mBlock open-source software, and enrich learning resources.

Beginner-friendly Coding Robot

With its simple and compact design, mBot Neo is a perfect robot for kids easy to assemble (30 mins), store, and start coding.


What’s Included

Product Specifications

Mechanical materialAluminum alloy
Main controlCyberPi
Processor Xtensa® 32-bit LX6 dual-core processor
Clock speed240 MHz
Extended storage (SPI Flash)8 MB
Extended memory (PSRAM)8 MB
Onboard sensorLight sensor, microphone, gyroscope, accelerometer
Other sensorsUltrasonic sensor, quad RGB sensor
Coding languageBlock-based, Python
Battery (included)Built-in rechargeable LiPo battery
Battery capacity2500 mAh 
Playtime≈ 5 hours
Charge time1 hour
Rotational speed1–207 RPM
Maximum external electronic modules8 motor & servo ports
10+ sensor ports
Communication modeUSB, Bluetooth, 2.4GWi-Fi

500+ Makeblock electronic & mechanical parts, LEGO bricks

Let's Answer Your Questions

– Control its rotation, speed, and position precisely, support angle detection, and low-speed start.
 – Support line following, color recognition, and obstacle avoidance.
 – Provide voice recognition control, such as recording playback, translation, etc.
 – Have fun building in 30 mins with family.
 – Learn programming from Block-based to Python.

Not at all! Neo is simple for building, playing, and learning. Neo is appropriate for children aged 6 and older. This coding robot supports Scratch block-based programming, allowing children to learn to code by simply drag-and-drop most intuitively.

CyberPi is Neo’s main control board, so you can’t use Neo without it.

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2500 mAh. Neo supports up to 5 hours of battery life with continuous use and supports charging while in use, fully satisfying entertainment and study use.